Rubbish & Recycling News

In 2017 we began our zero-waste journey and with the support of the public, stallholders & sponsors we managed to reduce our waste-to-landfill significantly. In fact, our total bill for 12,000 people & 270kgs of waste was only $18!

This was achieved by implementing a vendor packaging policy for the stallholders as well as with the support of Western Bay of Plenty District Council, Revital Fertilisers (who took our food scraps & biodegradable waste for composting) and Marty & the team at Waste Watchers LTD for helping the public on the day :)

2018 - unable to continue the event due to extremely bad weather!

2019 - Much the same as 2017, waste was contaminated by others sneakily adding their waste to the pile!

2020 - Our waste-to-landfill bill was $32. Happy!