Sustainable packaging

There are a number of places to purchase great packaging that not only looks awesome and works just as well as the other stuff  but is gentler on our beautiful planet.

Ecoware has a great range of packaging made from plants, not oil.

Paper4trees is a nation-wide school programme that rewards schools for recycling. The reward? Native trees!

The EERST Trust that delivers P4T also sells eco-products at a good rate. All sales go directly into funding this amazing programme.

The information we provide is from the Tauranga City Council Vendor Packaging Framework. This collated information helps vendors see what type of packaging is able to be composted.

*Please note as of July 2016 PLA packaging will not be able to be composted due to difficulties in the commercial composting process.

If you have any questions, please contact Kelly directly.

Vendor packaging

Why Sustainability?

This planet is precious, and so are all of its inhabitants. 

Waste is evidence of an unsustainable and inefficient society & economy. We are encouraged to buy and throw, buy and throw... and where will this leave us?

Landfills create methane gas when biodegradable wastes break down and this causes harm to our planet. Reducing the biodegradable waste sent to landfill is something we can all do easily - by composting, worm farming etc.


On top of this - refusing to ignore the problem means we take a stand and say "enough is enough". This is our home and we treasure it, we will take the lead even if our leaders wont. 

All waste is a resource. All resources are precious.